Walker: Independence's Search for A New Home Concludes, and it's Not Good News

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Walker: Independence will not be getting a reprieve following its cancellation at The CW.

When the Walker spinoff got canceled in May, there were efforts to find a new home for the drama series.

TV Line reported Friday that producers had exhausted all avenues, and the show will not be returning in any capacity.

Abby Takes Aim - Walker: Independence

It's a tough blow for fans of the drama series, but at least we know that there was a push to get more episodes from the cast and creatives.

"We are aggressively looking for a place that Walker Independence can land," Padalecki told TV Line in May after the cancellation.

Walker Spinoff's Abby

"I think it's a show that's needed. We absolutely are thrilled about the show, proud of the show, and we all feel like it belongs somewhere people can see it."

Walker: Independence would have been a lock for renewal any other season.

Walker: Independence Season 1 averaged around a million viewers and a 0.1 rating, with a week of DVR viewing factored in.

The CW is going through significant changes under the ownership of Nexstar.

Matt Barr on Walker Spinoff

Going into the 2023-24 season, only two shows -- Walker and All American -- have been renewed from the current regime.

Walker Independence took the franchise back to the 1800s, with Katherine McNamara playing Abby Walker.

The actress recently opened up about when she found out about the show's demise.

"I found out, you know, one of the showrunners and one of the producers called me, and you know, obviously it's not, it's not the call we want to get," McNamara on this week's The Wayne Ayers Podcast.

Katherine McNamara arrives at the Los Angeles Friends + Family Premiere of Dark Sky Films and Queensbury Pictures' "Broadcast Signal Intrusion"

"It's not the news we wanted to hear, but I think the show and the story will always have a special place in all of our hearts."

Whether any of the Walker: Independence storylines could be resolved on the original series is unclear, but time will tell.

What are your thoughts on the cancellation?

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