Found Trailer: Shanola Hampton Has a Big Secret in the Form of Mark-Paul Gosselaar

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With fewer scripted originals on the broadcast networks in the fall season than in recent memory, NBC might have a hit on its hands with Found.

The network went public Tuesday with the official trailer for its upcoming drama series, and something tells us it will play well with fans of the absent CBS and NBC procedurals.

In the freshly released promo, Mark-Paul Gosselaar plays Sir, the man Gabi Mosely (Shanola Hampton_ has locked up in her basement.

Found on NBC Duo

We quickly learn that Sir abducted Gabi as a teenager and that she managed to escape her captor.

But what happened in the time they were apart?

Sir - Found

That's what flashbacks are for, you guys!

"The series follows public relations specialist Gabi Mosely (Shanola Hampton) and her crisis management team dedicated to finding missing persons, especially those often overlooked by the system," the logline teases.

"Gabi was once herself one of those forgotten ones, and is still hiding a chilling secret of her own – she has found her kidnapper, Sir, (Mark-Paul Gosselaar), and uses his twisted expertise to help solve their cases."

Gabi Mosely - Found

It's a thrilling hook, and the trailer hams up the dynamic between the pair as Sir tells Gabi she wouldn't be able to solve the cases without him.

But there's also the possibility that Gabi's one-time captor wouldn't run off if she removed his shackles.

It makes us question whether there's more to the kidnapping story from the past and whether Sir wants to help save other kidnap victims overlooked by the system.

The series also stars Gabrielle Elise Walsh as Lacey Quinn, Brett Dalton as Detective Mark Trent, and Kelli Williams as Margaret Reed. 

Mark and Gabi - Found Season 1 Episode 1

Also starring is Karan Oberoi as Dhan Rana and Arlen Escarpeta as Zeke Wallace.

Found was initially set to launch earlier this year, but NBC moved it to the fall amid the uncertainty surrounding the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes.

The series will now premiere Tuesday, October 3, at 10 p.m.

Check out the promo below.

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Found Quotes

Gabi: Who is this?
Reporter: Sarah Holden, Senator Holden's missing daughter.
Gabi: Sarah went missing 29 hours ago while playing in the park with her brother. There isn't a person in America who hasn't seen Sarah's face all over their TVs, highly increasing her chances of being found. Now who is this? [silence] This is why there will always be a need for what I do. Tasheika has been missing from the DC area for the last two weeks, and no one is talking about her. I sincerely hope they find Sarah. I do. But while you keep prioritizing the missing high-profile blonde girls of the world. My team and I will gladly continue to pick up the slack for the rest.

Gabi: We're a crisis management firm. We are PR specialists, lawyers, tech experts, and private investigators, all doing the job the police seem too busy to do.
Reporter: And what do you say to the people who call you vigilantes?
Gabi: We find missing people who have slipped through the cracks and bring them home. You're talking to a woman who, 20 years ago, had to rescue herself from her kidnapper because no one was looking.