Gen V Season 1 Ending Explained: How it Connects to The Boys Season 4

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The Boys universe is shaping up nicely after Gen V arrived with force and introduced a new development bound to shake things up.

While Gen V was billed as a spin-off with a much younger cast of characters, they have proven that they can handle themselves, and some of them might be ready to occupy the much-coveted spot in The Seven.

Gen V Season 1 Episode 8 was a wild episode that saw the partial resolution of some storylines.

Where Are We? (Landscape) - Gen V Season 1 Episode 8

Many existing storylines took a turn as they prepared the characters for their debut in the flagship series.

While the episode was fun to watch, the ending was quite cryptic.

Dropping By Unannounced - Gen V Season 1 Episode 8

Why Were Sam and Cate Called The New Guardians of Godolkin?

The descent into supe-remacy by Cate and Sam was so quick. If someone didn't pay attention, they would miss it.

One moment had Sam trying to stay sane, and the next, he was waving the supe-remacy flag and fell for the false narrative that paints supes as victims.

While it was too quick, it was understandable why they felt that way because they had been used and abused for their powers.

His Name Was Andy - Gen V Season 1 Episode 8

They were also mourning the loss of Luke, whom they both loved. That forged the connection between them.

Throughout the season, we saw students fight to get higher rankings so they may join The Seven. But with things going south fast, Ashley decided to shock the world by announcing a new student who had joined the team.

She struggled to find the right fit because supes had run amok outside, and her life was in danger.

Why Did Homelander Drop By?

Homelander at God U - Gen V Season 1 Episode 8

When Homelander shows up in any situation, he is bound to make it worse and spends time covering up his crimes while committing fresh ones.

It is a never-ending cycle, and civilians are the biggest victims. He loves crises so that he can swoop in and be hailed as the day's hero.

But Homelander is as bad as they come. He has many shortcomings, the most prominent being he's a supe-remacist.

Marie: Sir, I...
Homelander: What kind of animal are you?
Marie: What?
Homelander: Do you like attacking your own kind?
Marie: No … I …
Homelander: Stay back!

When he found Marie had hurt Cate Dunlap, he was personally offended. He blasted Marie, who passed out.

Join Me - Gen V Season 1 Episode 8

There was a major time-lapse, where a lot must have gone down.

When Coleman's report came in, the actual events had been twisted to paint Cate and Sam as the heroes.

Having Cate and Sam carry the day solved one problem that might arise from the massacre at God U.

If indicted into The Seven, it would create the distraction Vought needs as they try to clean up the mess at God U.

Down in The Woods - Gen V Season 1 Episode 8

Cate and Sam are the perfect candidates to join Homelander's team because they are also supe-remacists.

They fight for themselves and their kind, which Homelander approves.

Where Were Marie, Jordan, Andre, and Emma?

The ending didn't explicitly say where the four were, but clues about what happened after Homelander's blast were left behind.

Caught in 4K - Gen V Season 1 Episode 8

All of them were dressed in hospital gowns, meaning that whoever's custody they were under cared about them.

Marie Moreau noticed there were no doors, meaning they weren't in prison, as evidenced by the lack of cuffs, too (are there special supe cuffs?)

The room was clean, and they were all together.

This would mean that they were with the good guys, and the good guys are The Boys team.

Watch Out Jordan  - Gen V Season 1 Episode 8

Something must have happened after the blast that saw The Boys save the four of them from Homelander's wrath.

It would be an excellent decision for The Boys team to keep the four to fight the impending battle with The Seven. They are a great addition to the team because they know Cate and Sam well and would be able to expose their weaknesses.

What Was Butcher Doing in The Woods?

What was happening in The Woods was not a secret anymore. Grace Mallory was aware of the experiments, and if they had the four with them, they knew the whole story.

Are They C - Gen V Season 1 Episode 8

Butcher must have been there to confirm that there was indeed a virus and there were victims. As far as Mallory was concerned, Shetty might have photoshopped the pictures she showed Mallory.

Butcher walked into the cell with Andy, the dead supe, and it confirmed the unbelievable story he had heard.

What a bunch of cunts.


Where Is the Virus?

Even if the events in that ending tied the show to The Boys Season 4, earlier events hinted at that.

What's Your Position on Supes? - Gen V Season 1 Episode 7

Neuman visited God U on Gen V Season 1 Episode 7 to talk supe politics but left with something valuable -- the virus.

The virus was a massive development in the universe that was bound to affect every supe's life.

The fact that the virus landed on Neuman's hands was the closest supes will ever be to a miracle.

While it had the opportunity to decimate the whole world, the virus was now contained for the time being because Neuman had the only dose, and the scientist who developed it was dead.

Cosy Closet - Gen V Season 1 Episode 7

It was unclear what Neuman planned on doing with the virus but being a politician, it is not hard to guess that she would use it to her advantage.

She must also tread lightly because it will affect her if the virus gets out in the current state. She is a supe, and no supe is safe from the contagion that would arise.

The Boys Season 4 must deal with the balance in dealing with the virus.

On the one hand, it can be the lethal weapon they have been looking for to fight bad supes like Homelander, but there are people, especially in the anti-supe team, who would be okay with wiping out all supes.

If The Boys team has Marie, Andre, Emma, and Jordan Li with them, it might persuade them to hold back because they have examples of good supes.

It seems like everyone from Gen V (well, not EVERYONE everyone) will make an appearance on Season 4 of The Boys, and they will be instrumental.

Now would be the time for you to consider chiming in with your theories about the season finale and its impact on the next season of The Boys.

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