Will Trent Season 2 Episode 2 Spoilers & Exclusive Featurette Teases Character Journeys

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It's challenging to find that balance when doing a book-to-screen adaptation. While Will Trent Season 1 excelled at it, they've found an even better stride in Season 2.

We barely scratched the surface of getting to know the main characters in Will Trent Season 1.

In contrast, interpersonal connections and messy family dynamics have taken center stage in Will Trent Season 2, interwoven with an unfolding mystery about Will's past.

Confronting Demons - Will Trent

Delving into these characters' rich histories makes us care about them, and many fans appreciate it if it follows the novels' storylines.

Ever since James Ulster arrived on the scene on Will Trent Season 1 Episode 12, he's been a thorn in the GBI's side. He's appeared charming while he murdered innocent women or played mind games with Will.

Gloating - Will Trent Season 2 Episode 1

Even though James is a monster, he values family. Would his mind games include murdering an agent so his son would visit him in prison?

That's a tough one. James loves taunting people, telling them he's in charge and can do them favors if they behave.

There is nothing Will fears more than becoming like James if he is his birth father. One of the things Will longs for is a family, but I don't think he'll ever trust James.

However, after Cricket died, Will was more determined than ever to learn who led that prison gang, even if it meant swallowing his pride. Hopefully, this doesn't backfire on Will since the promo teased a violent prison brawl.

Checking In - Will Trent Season 2 Episode 2

Prison gangs are dangerous, and no one wants to be the snitch. There are sometimes guards and inmates selling contraband, which only makes things worse for those trying to keep their noses clean.

More than likely, Faith Mitchell would be more level-headed going into the prison. She's not as emotional about losing Cricket and doesn't have a messy past with James like Will, Amanda, and her mom do.

Faith would know how to interview and reassure prisoners to get some intel and formulate a plan with Will. The problem for Faith will be if any of the prisoners recognize her connection to Evelyn or Amanda.

Bringing back James could be interesting if it ties back any more former cases and gets Amanda and Evelyn more involved.

Facing His Past - Will Trent Season 2 Episode 1

While this arc isn't entirely from the books, it's partially inspired by the sixth book, "Criminal," as has the entire Will, Lucy, and James storyline.

TV Fanatic scored an exclusive clip where author Karin Slaughter, executive producers Daniel Thomsen and Liz Heldens, and actors Ramón Rodriguez and Erika Christensen discussed adapting the novels and keeping the characters' rich histories.

These short interviews will be a treat for fans of the novels who wondered what inspired casting or storylines.

Check out the clip below:

Amanda Wagner and Will's relationship has suffered since the truth came out that she was the one who found him as a baby. While they've maintained a working relationship, the warmth is gone.

When Will confronts James, Amanda will probably be worried sick, especially after Will almost killed James when he tortured Angie.

Will isn't normally violent, but he's out for answers at any cost again, so Amanda might use her power to get inside.

From the promo, it looks like she and Angie team up. It could be fun watching those two protect Will together.

Worried Sick - Will Trent Season 2 Episode 2

Angie has been working hard to return to work, but she runs into someone who brings back memories of her past.

While that's vague, I suspect it has to do with Lenny's murder. From what Erika Christensen recently teased, "Actions have consequences, and storylines aren't as standalone as we think they are."

Perhaps she runs into Crystal and her mom, or the murder investigation comes back up as she files paperwork to pass her physical.

Our girl, Angie, deserves a break to help others with the same skills she's learned along the way.

Angie's Past - Will Trent Season 2 Episode 2

Michael is the only agent not involved with the prison gang since he has family drama to deal with. More than likely, he took time off since Max has a concussion, and he's still in "super dad" mode.

It's difficult to feel too much sympathy for Michael since he cheated on Gina before, and now he looks like a wounded puppy. It's refreshing that the series teased that he's trying to mend his relationship with Max, so they're prioritizing his kids.

Michael Ormewood can be a jerk, but it's apparent he loves his children, and after almost losing Max, he'll probably try even harder. Delving into these quiet bonding moments at home will balance out the violent action scenes at the prison.

We need both as they symbolize two very different father and son bonds. Hopefully, the series doesn't disappoint, and both of these are layered, emotional moments.

Michael's Family Drama - Will Trent Season 2 Episode 1

For now, we are preparing for an emotional confrontation.

As we can see from the promo, that confrontation leads to chaos at the prison.

You'll have to watch to learn who the culprit was and if Will and Faith made it out.

Are you ready for "It's the Work I Signed Up For"?

Are you looking forward to James returning, or do you wish he had stayed gone? Are you enjoying the in-depth look into Angie and Michael's lives?

Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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