Lacey Chabert and Kristoffer Polaha Go On A Christmas Quest for Hallmark

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Summer hasn’t even started yet, but we’ve already got Christmas on our minds!

Hallmark announced today that two of the network’s most beloved stars have wrapped filming on an upcoming holiday movie for 2024.

It’s hard to believe that Lacey Chabert and Kristoffer Polaha have not worked together before, but we’re about to see them in action.

Lacey Chabert and Kristoffer Polaha - Hallmark Channel

That’s a very literal description of their upcoming movies, and we could not be more excited.

If you are a fan of Hallmark Christmas, you know that these two stars brought forth the very best for the 2023 season.

Haul Out the Holly Photo

Chabert had not one but two Christmas movies in 2023.

She starred in a sequel to Haul Out the Holly called Haul Out the Holly: Lit Up, which brought more hijinks to a suburban neighborhood devoted to decorating for Christmas.

She also starred in A Merry Scottish Christmas, which was one of the two most-watched holiday movies of the year.

In that film, she was paired once again with her Party of Five costar, Scott Wolf.

A Merry Scottish Christmas

Playing siblings again — in the Scottish countryside, no less —made A Merry Scottish Christmas a ratings winner.

Polaha played a dapper actor from the early 20th Century who fell in love with a modern time traveler on A Biltmore Christmas.

Costarring along with Bethany Joy Lenz, the pair brought elegance and magic to Christmas in a movie that could have easily been a theater release.

Well before Thomas became a thing on The Way Home, Polaha had already proven with his Biltmore character that if love exists, not even time itself can keep a romantic duo apart.

Jack at the Piano

So, where will Chabert and Polaha take us for their new Christmas adventure?

We’re so glad you asked.

They're going to Iceland! That's right. They traveled around the world to bring us The Christmas Quest.

Set to premiere later in 2024 as part of the network’s 15th Annual Countdown to Christmas programming event, the movie is the first on-screen pairing of Chabert and Polaha.

Jack Smiles Broadly

Doubling down on the stars of two of the highest-rated cable movies of 2023 makes good sense for the network and for viewers.

“In the spirit of the best action-adventure romances, The Christmas Quest pairs Lacey Chabert and Kristoffer Polaha on a daring quest with a unique holiday twist,” said Samantha DiPippo, Senior Vice President, Development & Programming, Hallmark Media.

“Lacey and Kristoffer are at their charming best together and are the perfect pair to take viewers on this journey.”

Chabert and Polaha released a message together on social media celebrating the wrap.

You know what? I have to agree; they are really cool.

The gist of the movie is this:

An archeologist (Chabert) and her ex-husband (Polaha), an expert in ancient Norse languages, are sent to Iceland at Christmastime to search for a legendary treasure. 

When others join in the hunt, the pair find themselves swept into a thrilling adventure as they race to keep it from falling into the wrong hands.

Kristoffer Polaha for Married Christmas

Hallmark has been taking Christmas movies to new levels, and we cannot wait to see what these two talented actors bring to the small screen this holiday season.

If their past movies are indicative of what’s in store, A Christmas Quest might be on our holiday viewing calendars for years to come.

The Christmas Quest is from Synthetic Cinema International and Hero Productions. Lacey Chabert, Andrew Gernhard, Kimberley Bradley, and Jonathan Eskenas are executive producers.

The movie is produced by Molly Mayeux, Arnar Knutsson and Bui Baldvinsson. Dustin Rikert directed from a script by Marcy Holland.

Lacey Chabert for The Wedding Veil Expectations

What do you think, Hallmark Christmas fanatics?

Has this made your year? Or will you be one of the thousands of fans on a Hallmark Christmas cruise this November, which is hard to beat?

Just kidding. We Hallmark Christmas junkies manage to do it all!

What's your favorite movie starring Lacey Chabert or Kristoffer Polaha?

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