Bridgerton Fans Hope to Reconcile Disparate Feelings about Colin and Luke Newton

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Bridgerton is BACK!! If you've somehow missed the official trailer that's all over the internet, this season's couple is Penelope and Colin, or "Polin."

The trailer drops us right into the whirlwind of Season 3 by showing familiar members of society returning to town from summering in the country or other travels. 

Everyone looks refreshed, and Colin Bridgerton seems to have brought back a pair of incredibly defined cheekbones from Greece!

Love is in the Air - Bridgerton

Fans have been enthusiastic about Luke Newton's casting as Colin since Season 1, even if they haven't always approved of his character's choices.

The actor has an enthusiastic and protective fanbase on Reddit that is quick to educate those who blame their frustrations with the character of Colin Bridgerton on the actor who plays him.

Colin is Searching for Love - Bridgerton

Viewers do seem united in their approval of the traveling Mr. Bridgerton's recent glow-up, which Newton also seems to have enjoyed for his character. 

Colin Bridgerton exasperated fans for two full seasons with his abject refusal to recognize the love emanating from every visible pore of his longtime friend and girl-across-the-square Penelope Featherington.

It is indeed hard to imagine a man worthy enough to court our very own Lady Whistledown. In his favor, Colin's repeated obtuseness has often been balanced by an uncommon gallantry toward his friend and her family.

Well... at least until for some unknown reason at the very end of Season 2 he told a group of male friends that he would never EVER court Penelope Featherington, a statement she of course accidentally overheard.

Oh, Colin -- what even brought that on??

Penelope and Colin on Season 2 - Bridgerton

Colin and Penelope have traveled very different paths during their young lives despite being neighbors and childhood friends. However, they both struggled to find a role within their respective families.

Colin was right in the middle of his seven siblings: too old to act the kid anymore but too young to fully participate in his older brothers' adult activities.

In the first two seasons, we can see Colin try on a fusty version of maturity that's at odds with his adolescent physique and lack of actual experience.

Thankfully, his intelligence always shines through even when his romanticism trips him up, as it does with Marina Thompson (TWICE). 

Season 3 introduces us to an all-grown-up version of Colin, who seems comfortable in his own skin; in fact, the trailer wastes no time in showing him shirtless.

Nicola Coughlan on Bridgerton Season 1

Could this charming rake finally have matured enough to be a solid match for secret freelance writing business owner Penelope? Or will he decide to go "visit" Marina A THIRD TIME??

Meanwhile, teenage Pen was a studious romantic surrounded by flighty pragmatists (the fittingly-named Featheringtons). Her creation of Lady Whistledown provided a confident persona to slip into when she entered society, as well as a substantial nest egg. 

(Although, is it worrisome that this money doesn't seem to be earmarked for anything in particular?)

Pen's admirable business acumen is counterbalanced by her longtime crush on Colin. This one-sided romantic devotion to him can be seen as both a mark of loyalty and an Achilles heel. 

While Penelope is generally well-regarded by fans and often considered the emotional core of the series, there are some who disagree to the point of calling her a villain for her treatment of Eloise in Season 2. 

Penelope Featherington

The character of Colin, probably due to less screen time over the series, is mostly viewed by fans as frustrating rather than evil. 

A more divisive fan fracture was the change in order of the Julia Quinn novels, which has Benedict's story as the third book. Benedict and Sophie (Senedict?) getting bumped for Polin in Season 3 has disappointed Benedict fans, who are eager to see his romance play out.

Alas, there is no official word as of now on which of the Bridgerton siblings will be featured in Season 4. 

If it's any consolation to Benedict fans, the Season 3 trailer features a surprising number of other couples besides Polin who are pairing off (or at least seeming to). Many familiar and new faces are shown, making for delicious speculation on who will end up with whom this time around.

Colin and Penelope's slow-burn, friends-to-lovers relationship on the show has so far been faithful to the books. If that trend continues (and we're lucky!) Season 3 might bring to life a very steamy scene in a carriage that book fans will remember well.

Kanthony on horseback - Bridgerton

Speaking of pleasing the fans: Kate and Anthony make an extended appearance in the Season 3 trailer!

Their happy ending last season didn't seem to last long enough after all the angst they went through, so having them back in (hopefully) happier circumstances will be an added thrill this year. 

One of the best parts of Bridgerton is when we get to see the entire family gathered together; it's always chaotic and heart-warming, like those iconic family dinner scenes in Blue Bloods

A great thing about this Netflix series adaptation of the books is how they can be enjoyed on their own merits. 

It's exciting to wonder what the show will do next with the source material and refreshing to know that there will be many surprises within that familiar framework to expand the Bridgerton Extended Universe. 

Penelope in season 3  - Bridgerton

It might be time for a rewatch of the previous two seasons before the new one drops May 16th on Netflix. Or maybe just wing it and rely on memory to piece things together like you've just returned from three months of playing pall-mall in the country.

Bridgerton Season 3 will release in two parts with the first four episodes available May 16 and the final four episodes releasing June 13th.

What is your viewing plan for the new episodes of Bridgerton?

Are you excited that the season is split into two parts so you can watch it at a leisurely pace, or are you bummed that you can't inhale it all at once?

Let us know in the comments!

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