Aleesha is Nora's close friend and colleague at Lakeview who starts to climb the ranks in the organization despite offering some assistance and often getting pulled into some of Nora's plots and plans to uncover conspiracies at the company in which they work and whatever else.

Aleesha Morrison Quotes

Karina: Would you want to go somewhere a little more quiet?
Aleesha: Yeah, sure.

I think she's too icky to date, and I've dated DJs and a magician.

Aleesha (about Karina)
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Why should I treat him like a priority when he treats me like an option? I'm playing myself. I have made chasing after this man my entire identity. I don't even recognize myself anymore. Well, this stops now. I'm going to make myself into someone I love, and then I will attract love, the love that I deserve.


Matteo: So you won't be around for long. We just need your retinas for a couple of days, and then you can pop off to where you came from. Well, you are legally dead, so you can't get work. In fact, yeah, how would you even support yourself? Oh, you could just mooch off Nora like you did with Ingrid; isn't that kind of your thing?
Nathan: Right. Well, I guess if the hottest woman I've ever been with rejected me for a dead guy, I'd be a little salty, too.