I think she's too icky to date, and I've dated DJs and a magician.

Aleesha (about Karina)

Nathan: Yeah, I'm going to be okay because those bastards brought us down to one person. I saw other Nathan. They destroyed him.
Ingrid: OH MY GOD!!!
Nora: Wait, wait! Which one are you?

Aleesha: Nora said they're not going public with any of the stuff we sent her. It's all going to be sealed.
Luke: What? Why?
Lucy: Leeshy! Karina wants you in her office.
Aleesha: I'm going to be fired.
Luke: If you get fired, I'll never see you again.
Lucy: Karina said now!
Aleesha: Fuck! I will see you later.

Nathan: At least I get to go back to ten percent body fat again.
Nora: Oh, no, I like you this way. More to love.
Nathan: Don't even think about it. Nora, I'm deadass serious. Ten or less.

Ingrid: I've just been chasing him so long that when he finally turned around, I panicked.
Nora: You think if he likes you, maybe there's something wrong with him?
Ingrid: Yeah.
Nora: Oh, honey. Oh, your fucking parents.

If I ever hear you talking like that again, I will fuck your dad or your mom, whichever one is more into it. I'll seduce them. I'll make sure they fall in love with me. I will get them to leave their partner, and then I will dump them, leaving you to pick up the pieces. And before you think, 'Oh, she couldn't do that,' take a good look at me, I could, I would, and I will. So this better be the end of that misogynistic bullshit, or Mama's gonna put on her 'fuck me' heels and go hunting. Do you understand me, shrimp dicks?

Ingrid as Nora

Nora: Even though you downloaded, Horizen owns what's in your head.
Nathan: Ingrid owns this body, Horizen owns my thoughts. But my heart, that belongs to you.

I don't know what I'm expecting or even looking for. My Nathan and I definitely have something good, but I'm ready for more, and Montreal just seems a little disappointing. You know, maybe he doesn't feel the same way about me. I would like to get proposed to, too.


Nathan: Be honest, if you met me today, you wouldn't even be into me.
Ingrid: You told me to be honest. I'mma be honest. You can be penniless and have, like, diarrhea every day, and I would still be into you, Nathan Brown.

Well, I'm glad we got rid of Nathan Brown, but my bank account would look a lot better if Ingrid was in that car with him.


Can you imagine how I feel? My guy is alone with the woman you are constantly choosing over me. What is that? What's wrong with me?


It's my afterlife; let me after live it!


Upload Quotes

Why should I treat him like a priority when he treats me like an option? I'm playing myself. I have made chasing after this man my entire identity. I don't even recognize myself anymore. Well, this stops now. I'm going to make myself into someone I love, and then I will attract love, the love that I deserve.


Matteo: So you won't be around for long. We just need your retinas for a couple of days, and then you can pop off to where you came from. Well, you are legally dead, so you can't get work. In fact, yeah, how would you even support yourself? Oh, you could just mooch off Nora like you did with Ingrid; isn't that kind of your thing?
Nathan: Right. Well, I guess if the hottest woman I've ever been with rejected me for a dead guy, I'd be a little salty, too.