Maxwell Theodore Vivian Upload


Upload Season 4 EWK Lead

Nathan is uploaded into a version of his old body and gets to spend time with Nora in the real world.

Happy Nathora - Upload Season 3 Episode 7

Nathan and Nora are happy with each other and all smiles during Season 3 of Upload.

Ingrid's Testimony - Upload Season 3 Episode 7

Ingrid testifies to everything transpiring about Choak and advocates for the rights of uploads in the season finale.

Special Evening - Upload Season 3 Episode 7

Nora and Nathan have a special evening together where they get to dress up on the company's dime.

The B-Team - Upload Season 3 Episode 7

When Nora needs some help with something, Aleesha assembles help from Luke, Tinsley, and the AI Guy.

Evil Karina - Upload Season 3 Episode 7

Karina appears to get joy out of other people's misery which becomes noticeable and offputting for Aleesha.

Attack at Lakeview - Upload Season 3 Episode 7

The AI Guys try to minimize the damage when there is an attack at Lakeview on the season finale.

Luleesha - Upload Season 3 Episode 7

Luke and Aleesha continue to bond with each other as they become best friend and confidants on Upload.

World Tilts - Upload Season 3 Episode 7

The world tilts on its axis when Nora and Ingrid learn some unsettling news on the season finale of Upload.

Shocked By a Kiss - Upload Season 3 Episode 7

Luke is shocked when Aleesha plants not one but two kisses on him amid a celebration on Flesh and Blood.

Nathora Kiss - Upload Season 3 Episode 7

Nathan and Nora share a sweet kiss as they leave the courthouse before everything changes for them.

Upload Quotes

Why should I treat him like a priority when he treats me like an option? I'm playing myself. I have made chasing after this man my entire identity. I don't even recognize myself anymore. Well, this stops now. I'm going to make myself into someone I love, and then I will attract love, the love that I deserve.


Matteo: So you won't be around for long. We just need your retinas for a couple of days, and then you can pop off to where you came from. Well, you are legally dead, so you can't get work. In fact, yeah, how would you even support yourself? Oh, you could just mooch off Nora like you did with Ingrid; isn't that kind of your thing?
Nathan: Right. Well, I guess if the hottest woman I've ever been with rejected me for a dead guy, I'd be a little salty, too.