Upload Season 4: Everything We Know About the Final Season

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Prime Video's Upload has more uploading... soon. 

The comedy series left us with a huge cliffhanger in Upload Season 3, so we're looking forward to more of the series. 

Here's everything we know about Upload Season 4. 

Upload Season 4 EWK Lead

Has Upload Been Renewed for Season 4? 

It's official: Upload has been renewed for a fourth and final season at Prime Video. 

Amazon announced the renewal on March 6, and Upload fans everywhere rejoiced. 

Happy Nathora - Upload Season 3 Episode 7

Now, the series can get a proper ending that doesn't end on a serious cliffhanger.

How Did Upload Season 3 End? 

Upload Season 3 ended with a major cliffhanger. 

With two Nathans in the mix, there was bound to be confusion at times, and there certainly was. 

With Nathan Brown downloaded to his body in the real world, he and Nora begin the process of returning the drives of those who perished in the Freeyond to their respective families. 

Ingrid and Backup - Upload Season 3 Episode 7

During this process, they build a case for a class action suit against Horizen. 

At the same time, Nathan's copy back in Lakeview is focused on his romance with Ingrid. Talk about a love triangle -- or would it just be a square? 

Real Nathan and Nora Antony are preparing for Nathan's send-off day, his last day before he's uploaded before his expiration date. 

Lakeview Nathan tries to make amends with Ingrid, who isn't thrilled about his relationship with Nora. She does use Nora's avatar to pretend to be Nora and flirt with Lakeview Nathan, but Nathan realizes it's her almost immediately. 

Although Ingrid won't admit what she's done, it does bring her and Nathan closer at the end of the day. 

Flying Leap - Upload Season 3 Episode 7

Meanwhile, Aleesha Morrison is expressing her doubts about Karina, and she has every reason to be doubtful. 

Luke tries to set things right between Aleesha and Karina, but Aleesha learns the hard way that Karina isn't as sweet as she makes herself out to be. 

At the same time, Nathan and Nora are having a hard time getting witnesses for their suit as the information they gathered from Choak can't be used since uploads' thoughts belong to the company. 

They were excited to see Dr. Kapoor, as he could be their star witness, but within the same instance, their dreams were shattered completely when Dr. Kapoor was killed by an explosion going off. 

After this, we learn that Nathan wants to get a job and start earning money so he can take Nora to Montreal and eventually propose to her there. He asks Luke to be his best man, though we know that Nora isn't so sure about going to Montreal. 

Ingrid and Nora - Upload Season 3 Episode 7

It becomes clear that there's one person they can use as a key witness in their case: Ingrid Kannerman. Ingrid can reveal her father's connection to the upload companies, what she knows about Nathan's murder and everything else that has happened. 

Nora and Nathan decide to take Ingrid out to a fancy dinner to convince her to be their witness. While waiting for Ingrid to arrive, we learn that Lakeview Nathan intends to propose to Ingrid that night. 

Ingrid is in the hot seat, initially not wanting to help with the case against Horizen but then changing her mind. However, when it comes to Nathan's proposal, she initially says no. 

Nora and Nathan aren't the only ones up scheming, as Aleesha and Luke Crossley are planning how to get information from Karina without her knowing. They end up getting the info after Aleesha cleverly steals Karina's login credentials, with a little help from Tinsley and A.I. Guy along the way. 

At the trial, Ingrid takes the stand and tells everyone about Horizen, Choak, and how Nathan's code was stolen to create Freeyond. However, she also slips up and mentions that there are two Nathans. 

Attack at Lakeview - Upload Season 3 Episode 7

After a recess, it's determined that the plaintiffs have won their case, and the families will receive one million dollars per loved one lost in the Freeyond scheme. While it is a win, it doesn't cover everything, such as uploads' rights. 

Horizen rebrands to Betta, trying to leave their muddied past behind, but there's still one issue that must be resolved. 

After the trial, Ingrid accepts Lakeview Nathan's proposal. Nora and Nathan decide that they will focus on themselves for the time being, but then Nathan is apprehended. 

Lakeview is raided by Horizen employees who are there to destroy Nathan's copy. Nathan tries to run away but is unsuccessful. 

At the end of the episode, Nora and Ingrid get a call from Nathan where he explains that he watched the other Nathan be destroyed, but that left one question: Which Nathan survived? 

Nathora Kiss - Upload Season 3 Episode 7

Read our full review of Upload Season 3 Episode 8 for more details.

Upload Season 4 Plot 

Since Upload Season 3 left us with a major cliffhanger as to which Nathan survived, we can assume that Upload Season 4 will focus on the remaining Nathan. 

Ingrid's Testimony - Upload Season 3 Episode 7

Is this Lakeview Nathan or the real Nathan? And will Nathan choose Nora or Ingrid? What will Horizen, now Betta, do in the future?

All of these remain unanswered as we wait for Season 4 to come out. 

Upload Season 4 Episodes 

So far, each season of Upload has had a different amount of episodes. 

Evil Karina - Upload Season 3 Episode 7

Upload Season 1 had ten episodes, Upload Season 2 had seven, and Season 3 had eight episodes. 

That said, we can expect anywhere from eight to 10 episodes for Season 4 to conclude the series.

Returning Cast for Upload Season 4 

Although the cast hasn't been confirmed yet, we can make a few assumptions about who will be returning to Upload Season 4. 

Shocked By a Kiss - Upload Season 3 Episode 7

We will likely see Robbie Amell back as Nathan, Andy Allo back as Nora, and Allegra Edwards back as Ingrid. 

We can also expect to see recurring characters return, such as Andrea Rosen as Lucy, Zainab Johnson as Aleesha, Kevin Bigley as Luke, Josh Banday as Ivan, Owen Daniels as A.I. Guy, William B. Davis as David Choak, Barclay Hope as Oliver Kannerman, and Mackenzie Cardwell as Tinsley.

Cast Additions for Upload Season 4 

Drugged Nora - Upload Season 3 Episode 6

At this time, there are no official cast additions for Upload Season 4.

Upload Season 4 Trailer

Since Upload was just renewed for Season 4, there is not an official trailer yet.

However, we're expecting to see a trailer or at least a teaser by the end of the year.

Catching Up with Luke - Upload

Upload Season 4 Release Date 

Along with no trailer, there is no set release date for Upload Season 4 yet. 

However, creator Greg Daniels is happy to see that there's a fourth season coming to his comedy series. 

"When I conceived Upload many years ago, I had the story arced out over four seasons, so I am thrilled to make the ending the fans deserve and the characters and creative team have been working towards," Daniels said. 

"[Amazon's] Jen Salke and Vernon Sanders have been our Angels, and they deserve five stars."

Nora and BackUp Nate - Upload Season 3 Episode 6

We can expect to see Upload Season 4 in early 2025, though we're hoping it might come even sooner.

Where to Watch Upload Season 4 

Upload Season 4 will be available to stream on Prime Video

Right now, Upload Seasons 1-3 can also be streamed on Prime Video. 

Concierge AI Guy - Upload Season 3 Episode 3

If you want to relive more of this fun series, you can check out our Upload quotes for the nostalgia factor.

Are you excited for Upload Season 4?

Which Nathan do you think survived? 

Are you bummed it's ending or happy it will end on its own terms?

Stay tuned at TV Fanatic for the latest news in television. 

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