Celia Hodes is a mess. There's no other way to put it.

As Nancy's best friend/main enemy, Celia loves to gossip and drink. She's jealous over Nancy's success and even ratted her out once to the cops.

As for her own family, don't even ask: Celia is divorced and her daughter pretty much hates her.

Celia Hodes Quotes

Tennis Pro: That's why I'll never marry.
Celia Hodes: No, you just f**k the married, and then I have to watch it on video.

[holds up a flyer] Here. I'm posting these in the neighborhood. I tell you, I have a good mind to stay in a hotel until they catch that cougar. Though a part of me is hoping it will maul Dean, and I wouldn't want to miss that.

Celia Hodes

Weeds Quotes

I'm the suburban baroness of bud, Nancy.

Nancy Botwin

You've made your bed, now f**k in it.

Nancy Botwin