Elliot Augustine is a science teacher who has been a friend of Kat Landry's since they were kids. He's in love with her but has spent years in the Friend Zone.

Now, he's trying to help Kat's daughter, Alice, make sense of her looks into the past.

Actor Evan Williams plays Elliot Augustine in The Hallmark Channel series The Way Home.


Elliot Augustine Quotes

Kat: I did it to save our family. I am the one who lost Jacob. Yes, I’m the one, and I have had to live with that guilt every single day since then. But, I can find him! I have a chance to actually bring him home!
Elliot: When has that ever worked? Look what it did to you, what it did to me!
Kat: To you? Don’t you dare turn this around. You made our break up my fault, my daughter’s fault, saying that, saying that knowing your future ruined your life. You made it sound like the journey was over, Elliot, but it wasn’t, and you know that. Alice did go back, you talked to her, you saw her, so you know what, you know what I think? I think that you just wanted me to love you. You wanted me to focus only on you, and when I couldn’t do that, you bailed!

Kat: Elliot! Hey, you said that Alice never went back. You lied to me!
Elliot: I didn’t lie. I just chose not to share the full truth.
Kat: Oh, come on.
Elliot: You lied to me too! You time-traveled! You told Alice about our relationship, both of which you said you hadn’t done.
Kat: I wasn’t lying about either one of those things when I told you that. They just happened after I told you.

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