Colton is revealed to be a time traveler who is looking in on himself and Jacob many years ago on the season finale.

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The Way Home
The Way Home Season 2 Episode 10: "Bring Me to Life"
Colton Landry
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The Way Home Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Thomas: Will you still allow me to carry that part of your heart in mine, as I asked before? Then please, take a piece of mine for yours. Something to remember me by.
Kat: Please, please. [They passionately kiss] Please don’t. [sobbing]
Thomas: Katherine, you need to go now! Kat, go! Run! And whatever you do, don’t look back. Go!

Thomas: Katherine, if I run, Jacob dies! I’m not innocent in this. I’ve played my part. I didn’t mean to shoot you by the pond.
Kat: That doesn’t matter.
Thomas: Yes, it does! I need you to know I was aiming at Cyrus! He was in the woods alone that day, and I had him in my sights.
Kat: Wait. If you had killed him, then Jacob and Susana would be safe. YOU would be safe! God! This is all my fault!
Thomas: No, no! Kat, I would never fault you for emerging into my life. Ever.