Geffory Arend plays Hector, one half of the junior creative team on TNT's Trust Me.  Hector's partner and friend is Tom.  The two of them are more of comic reief than useful employees, but we love them anyways.

Hector Quotes

Tom: We can't do this. Choosing which one of us will take you tonight has really been hard on our friendship.
Hector: It's like Sophie's choice, only the kids have to decide

Hector: So, you want to stop and get a drink before the party?
Sarah: I already did

Trust Me Quotes

Conner: You need to get this boat.
Mason: I can't afford it.
Conner: Be a good American and finance it.

You've been carrying me? I've been carrying you so long I have scoliosis

Mason [to Conner]