State Senator John "Jack" Abbott, Jr. is a character on The Young and the Restless. The character is currently played by Peter Bergman (pictured) since 1989 and was played by the late Terry Lester from 1982-1989.

The oldest son of John (Jerry Douglas) and Dina Abbott (Marla Adams), Jack was once Genoa City's resident playboy, but has matured greatly over the years. He was CEO of NVP Retreats, Chancellor and owner of Jabot Cosmetics (secretly done through shell company House Of Kim), before running for state senate.


  • Patti Williams (divorced)
  • Nikki Newman (divorced)
  • Luan Volien (dissolved by her death)
  • Phyllis Summers (divorced)
  • Sharon Newman (April 2007 - Present)


  • Keemo Voilen Abbott (son, with Luan)
  • Kyle Jenkins Abbott (son, with Diane)
  • Noah Newman (step-son, with Sharon Collins)


  • Wisconsin State Senator
  • Former Secret owner of Jabot Cosmetics
  • Former CEO and Partner in NVP Retreat
  • Former CEO of Chancellor Industries
  • Former CEO of Jabot Cosmetics
  • Former President of Jabot Cosmetics
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