Mike Hickam Quotes

Mr. Hunter: Now you're saying this lady is supposed to be a pharmacist? What is wrong with this town?!
Mike: Nothing is wrong with this town, and I'm not a doctor. She is!
Mr. Hunter: [laughs] Good one, Doc.
Faith: I think I need to have a word with my patient. I'll tell you what's not funny. When you came in here, you were barely breathing, possibly hours away from death. You had low blood pressure, you were dehydrated, and you were probably dangerously anemic. Now, how do I know this? Because I am a good doctor, and I am your doctor. Now let me help you, and let Miss Sou help you because she is a good pharmacist.
Mike: And how about showing a little gratitude?
Mr. Hunter: I'm sorry, Miss Doctor.
Mike: Uh uh.
Mr Hunter: And Miss Pharmacist. Thank you both.

He was very mean to Faith. He doesn't think a woman can be a doctor.

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When Calls the Heart Quotes

I have one of these at the office; I do not need one in my house.


Bill: From now on, you just mind your own business. Leave the law and order to me.
Nathan: Yeah, I can't do that.
Bill: Why's that?
Nathan: Because I'm your new Mountie, Nathan Grant.