Ricky Underwood met Amy Juergens at band camp, and is the father of her son. He had a very rough childhood; his father was abusive, a child molester, and a druggie. His mother also is addicted to drugs; she has lived on the street and been sent to prison because of her addiction. Because of this, Ricky was raised by foster parents and now lives in an apartment. He dates Adrian for a while, and gets mad when she sleeps with other people; even though he also sleeps around. When Ricky kisses Amy while dating Adrian, she gets back at both of them by sleeping with Ben. Ashley Juergens is jealous of her sister's relationship with Ricky and tries to sleep with him, but he denies her.

Ricky and Amy start dating again and become very serious. However, Amy refuses to sleep with him until he gets tested for STDs. Ricky is now starting to look into his future, and wants to go to college; but he doesn't know if that is possible because Amy and his son need him around.

Ricky Underwood Quotes

Ricky: I don't know what's wrong with me.
Nurse: I have a few guesses.

Look John, Grandma's here. Why is Grandma here so early? I don't know!

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