Shane Botwin is Nancy's youngest son and Silas' brother.

He's certainly very mature for his age, possibly engaging in a threesome during season four.

As you might imagine, it's a challenge for Shane to remain sane around his quirky family members. He can be too smart for his own good.

Shane Botwin Quotes

Shane: Do you think I'm weird?
Judah: Totally weird, but you're awesome. Αnd I wouldn't trade you in for any other almost-10-year-old on earth.
Shane: What if there's life on other planets and there's an unbelievable, amazing 10-year old out there?
Judah: Why would I trade now? To me, you're the best dude, you are the amazing unbelievable Shane Botwin.

Shane: I got sent to the school shrink. They'll probably be calling you.
Nancy: Oh, not again, why this time.
Shane: I wrote a gangsta rap about killing Devon Rensler ... with my gatt.

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