A Shocking Verdict - Law & Order: SVU
The team deal with a shocking verdict and the aftermath on Law & Order: SVU. "Man Down" is the second episode of the show's 20th season.

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Law & Order: SVU
Law & Order: SVU Season 20 Episode 2: "Man Down"
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Law & Order: SVU Season 20 Episode 2 Quotes

Stone: Was going hunting with your dad and brother a big deal?
Sam: It was to my dad.
Stone: But not to you?
Sam: My dad killed a moose when he was 12. Brian killed a deer when he was 15.
Stone: In your family, it's a big deal.
Sam: It's how you become a man.

Defense attorney: So how did you get the injuries that Mr. Stone has repeatedly called indications of rape?
Sam: Do I have to?
Attorney: Yeah, you do.
Sam: So, I met a man and it was the first time. I wanted him to, you know, it wasn't rape or anything like that.