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The trial continues and on cross-examination, Conway's lawyer harps on the fact that Molly didn't report the rape right away and in fact didn't tell the cops at all. Sam testifies too and he says that his mom is confused and his dad was just trying to comfort him because he was upset about not being able to shoot the rabbit. On cross, Stone asks him about hunting and learns that it's a family ritual, that being a man means shooting an animal, but Sam won't admit his dad raped him.

Mr. Conway is acquitted. In the bathroom, Benson tries to talk to Molly, who says she never wants to see her again.

The next day, Molly tells Sam he doesn't have to go to school but he says he's going. He seems agitated at a family meal.

At school, Brian tells Sam to text him if anyone bothers him. Sam's girlfriend tries to talk to him. He ignores her. It is clear as he stands on the steps that he has his hunting rifle in his bag.

SVU is called to the school. Seven kids have been shot, two dead, and a teacher has been shot too. The principal is upset. Benson is shocked to hear Sam was the shooter. No one knows where Sam is. Molly comes running up. She heard the news on TV. She wants to know that Sam is okay.

Carisi talks to Brian, who says he heard the gunfire and then Sam came up to him with the gun and asked if he was happy now. He told Sam to put the gun down. Sam left. Carisi goes after Sam to try to stop him from getting shot by a sniper. He finds him on the baseball field holding the gun to his head. He talks him down and arrests him.

Stone blames himself. He is at a bar getting drunk again and watching news coverage. Benson shows up and tries to encourage him. She says this is not his fault. He thinks he shouldn't have cross-examined Sam.

Mr. Conway tells Stone Sam is going to plead guilty. Stone says he must admit to the crime in open court. He refuses to shake Conway's hand. Benson is upset that Conway will face no consequences. Stone says this is not over.

Carisi tries to talk to Sam in prison. Sam refuses to talk to him. Benson talks to Molly, who blames herself for not seeing this coming. The cops also try to talk to Brian, who blames them for the whole thing.

Rollins and Carisi go to see a state psychiatrist, who is filling in for Olivet and interviewing Sam. Rollins gets emotional while they are waiting. The psychiatrist interviews Sam, who talks about being physically abused when he was little. She thinks Sam knows right from wrong and was sane at the time of the killings and fears he is going to have a mental breakdown soon.

Stone decides to go after Conway for causing the murders with his attitudes towards masculinity. Conway is arrested again. His lawyer calls it the snowflake defense and says this is ridiculous.

At trial, Stone doesn't want to call Sam. Benson thinks he may have to in order to protect the next kid who is being abused. Conway testifies about how he's a good dad etc. Stone questions whether he wants his kids to grow up to be men or good men. Conway says since Stone has no kids he has no right to criticize. This opens the door for Stone to talk about his attitudes towards masculinity, but the judge shuts it down when he tries to question him about the rape he has been acquitted of. 

Stone is forced to call Sam. He's not happy about it. He gets Sam to admit that his dad called him a girl and other names when he didn't want to shoot the rabbit. Sam says right before he shot his classmates, he kept hearing a voice saying be a man and that he didn't want to go to school that day but his dad said a man doesn't shy away from conflict. 

Conway is found guilty, to the shock of his wife and other son. He's taken into custody.

Benson and Rollins talk. Rollins is considering an abortion and comments that in Georgia she would have to carry to term because it's not accepted there. Benson shows her a video of Jessie and tells her she will support her right to choose but she doesn't want to live with regrets. Rollins realizes Benson once had an abortion.

At home, Noah doesn't want to go to bed and tries to shove Benson. She tells him his behavior is unacceptable and sends him to bed. He refuses to answer when she tells him she loves him. She stares at him from the doorway.

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Law & Order: SVU Season 20 Episode 2 Quotes

Stone: Was going hunting with your dad and brother a big deal?
Sam: It was to my dad.
Stone: But not to you?
Sam: My dad killed a moose when he was 12. Brian killed a deer when he was 15.
Stone: In your family, it's a big deal.
Sam: It's how you become a man.

Defense attorney: So how did you get the injuries that Mr. Stone has repeatedly called indications of rape?
Sam: Do I have to?
Attorney: Yeah, you do.
Sam: So, I met a man and it was the first time. I wanted him to, you know, it wasn't rape or anything like that.