A Tragic Confrontation - American Crime
Shae's feelings lead to a tragic confrontation on the sixth episode of American Crime's third season.

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American Crime Season 3 Episode 6: "3.06"
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American Crime Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

Kimara: Abby, this is Kimara.
Abby: Hey. What's up?
Kimara: Abby, do you know Greg Stevens?
Abby: Uh huh.
Kimara: He asked me to confirm that I placed 105 people in your shelter. Hello?
Abby: Can we talk?
Kimara: That's what we're doing.
Abby: I can't do this in my office. So can we talk?
(After meeting in person)
Abby: I'm sorry Greg contacted you.
Kimara: Are you? Are you sorry he contacted me or sorry you committed fraud?

Claire: I wish I had put more into his early years. You get so stressed out , you know, that you don't realize how it's affecting you and then he's grown up and there's no stress anymore.
Nick: Yeah, cause you don't have to do anything. You got a nanny to do everything for you.
Claire: She doesn't do EVERYTHING.
Nick: No. She just does everything you're supposed to do. And here's the kicker, she only speaks French.
Claire: She's sweet.
Nick: Yeah, unless you tell her something in English. Then she just stares at you because she can't understand a word you're saying.