Sam Spade has on his grim, determined face as he stands outdoors, always on alert.

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Monsieur Spade
Monsieur Spade Season 1 Episode 3: "Like Every Love Story"
Sam Spade
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Monsieur Spade Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Philippe: You understand what I’m saying?
Sam: Not really, but then I was too busy wondering what day you might finish talking to listen.

Sam: I work for Gabrielle Lavarone.
Philippe: As what? As a Gardner?
Sam: More like her housekeeper.
Philippe: Tell me your name again?
Sam: Samuel Spade.
Philippe: How ridiculous.
Sam: My mother liked it.
Philippe: A whore, no doubt.
Sam: Maybe we’ll leave my mother out of this and focus on you and me.