Ann-Marie Grins at Shadow - American Gods Season 3 Episode 2
Shadow explores his oddly welcoming new town before heading to Chicago for a gathering of the Old Gods on Koliada; Wednesday reconnects with his oldest friend.

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American Gods
American Gods Season 3 Episode 2: "Serious Moonlight"
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American Gods Season 3 Episode 2 Quotes

Now, while Lakeside is know for its fishing, it's the to-die-for pasties that put us on the map. Every delicious bite is like a warm hug. But you know what really makes this place special? The people! Everyone here genuinely cares for their neighbor. It's in everything they do. This spirit was passed down to us by the town's first citizen and benefactor, Lester Hamilton. And when he died, he left Lakeside his fortune so that its citizens would propser. All he asked in return was that we held onto some of his old world traditions. So every year, we hold an ice festival to celebrate his generosity and give thanks for our magical little town and its nordic heritage. I think you're gonna like it here.


Ann-Marie: What a beautiful klunker.
Shadow: Klunker?
Ann-Marie: Every year, we take a wreck, we put it out on the lake, and then folks guess the date and the time when it will break through the ice come spring. And then the winner splits the pot with the high school. It's really fun! You're gonna love it.