Assembling His Crew  - Cobra Kai Season 3 Episode 1
Kreese has officially taken over Cobra Kai and is assembling a new crew of no mercy students who will follow his philosophies.

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Cobra Kai
Cobra Kai Season 3 Episode 1: "Aftermath "
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Cobra Kai Season 3 Episode 1 Quotes

Sam: I feel so guilty. 
Daniel: It's not your fault. All this started before you were even born. If not for me and Johnny there wouldn't have been a fight in the first place. This is my fault. 

Amanda: I can't believe they have the gall to suspend Sam for two weeks! I'm going to tell the school board how incompetent they are. Heads will roll!
Daniel: At least they expelled the girl who started it.
Amanda: Expelled?! That bitch should be in Shawshank!