Barry's injured! - The Flash Season 3 Episode 15
What happened to Barry?! Cisco keeps watch as Caitlin and Julian prepare to remove the shrapnel from The Flash's chest.

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Katie Yu/The CW
The Flash
The Flash Season 3 Episode 15: "The Wrath of Savitar"
Cisco Ramon, Julian Albert, Barry Allen/Flash, Dr. Caitlin Snow/Killer Frost
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The Flash Season 3 Episode 15 Quotes

Barry: [to Wally] He wasn't there! It was all in your mind.
Julian: Been there. Done that. It's miserable.

Joe: I wanted to be sure you heard what I said in there. I couldn't be happier.
Barry: Okay. Great.
Joe: Why didn't you ask my permission? I told you the story of me asking Francine's dad's permission like 100 times.
Barry: [laughing} At least. Yeah. That's a great story.
Joe: But you missed the point?