Bentley and Quinlan have lunch together after their impromptu kiss on East New York Season 1 Episode 8.

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CBS / Scott McDermott
East New York
East New York Season 1 Episode 8: "Comp Stat Interruptus"
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New York, New York
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East New York Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Regina: How did you get in here?
Man: I'm her to take my daughter home.
Regina: I'm afraid she's going to have to be here a while.
Man: Who are you?
Regina: I'm Deputy Inspector Regina Haywood. There have been four deaths from overdoses and your daughter may be a witness, so nobody is going in or out right now.
Man: Well, Deputy Inspector Haywood, what chief to I have to call to reverse this? Because I know them all.

$4.50 a head to get in, no alcohol or food. Bring your own drugs?