Regina Vs the DEA - East New York Season 1 Episode 8
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At a club, a guy is stumbling all over the place, followed by people dancing. A dancer falls off a stage.

4:15 AM. Quinlian gets called and asked to come in at 5. Bentley is in bed with her. He hopes he doesn't get called him. His phone rings next.

At the club, the DJ and manager are unhelpful. A guy is looking for his girlfriend who died but Quinlan won't let him. A guy crosses the crime tape anyway and wants to take his daughter home. He wants to call a chief to go over Regina's head. She warns him that if he interferes in her crime scene she'll have him arrested. He says he will be calling his lawyer.

Yenko and his wife have some sort of argument because he wants her to go to the dentist and she doesn't want to go out of the house. He wants to take her to Italy. She doesn't see why she has to go anywhere. She supposes she has to get dressed to go to the dentist.

Suarez briefs Regina about a press conference. She's upset about the four kids.Suarez says that she has to let the detectives handle it as she's busy today.

Gwen tells the detectives she and her friend did edibles at home and her friend wanted ecstacy at the club. She opens her phone for them.

Killian complains that there's already bad reviews of the restaurant.  Morales says at least he's getting press.

Regina, Yenko, and Morales identify gang members that Regina has been trying to get for years.  Nobody cared abouth the victims in East New York before.

Regina is on the phone trying to investigate the drug dealers when she gets to her meeting. She has to talk about what she's doing about an increase in robberies in E New York. They don't want details. Some chief questions her about not enforcing quality of life crimes. She says selling loose cigarettes and similar is not a priority.. He wants to know what right she has to make that call. Suarez tries to jump in. He says he specifically requested the data behind this decision. Donaldson wants to know what the morale is and says some officers say morale is low. Suarez defends Regina. A chief adjourns to let Suarez calm down.

Corinne is upset about the bad press and annoyed Killian has to go back to work to deal with the drug fatalities.

Suarez tries to talk to Regina who doesn't want to talk. Suarez says Donaldson is trying to make himself look good for the Mayor and paint Suarez and Regina as "woke diversity hires." Regina tells him to l et her handle it next time.

Yenko comes in next. Regina is still in a bad mood. Yenko was listening to the rap music the DJ played and it references locations for drug deals.

Bentley and Sandeford stop the suspects' vehicle. They claim harassment. The DJ is angry. He is removed from the car. The other guy says he has a gun but doesn't have his permit on him. They are arrested.

The DJ tries to flirt with Regina and asks her to a gig next week.

Killian questions the DJ and Morales his friend. They are trying to find out about their ties to the Santiago family. A DEA boss arrives.

The DEA guy meets with Regina. He knows all about the Santiagos and wants her to hold off because they're going after the cartel that is supplying the Santiagos. He has an undercover, one of the men who was arrested. He has bigger targets and wants his undercover released. Regina says she will release the undercover and she's not holding off.

Morales is working over Sean when Regina calls her outside. Regina turns off all the cameras and tells Sean she knows he's undercover.  He tells her he wants to get out of undercover work.  He tells Regina the cartel bust will go nowhere and he wants to work with her instead.

Yenko checks in with his wife, who pretends she's on the way to the dentist but she's still in the kitchen in her pajamas.

Regina talks to Suarez who says she will be out on a limb. She says she doesn't expect him to bail her out. He is aware of that. He reminds her that the meeting resumes at 5.

Sandeford  meets Tamika who wanted to do lunch because she didn't want it to be a date. They talk about trying again and are interrupted by Corinne. She is upset about the bad press and thinks Tommy is mad at her. Marvin doesn't think so.

Bentley is outside eating. He and Quinlan kiss as Sandeford comes out.

Regina and Sean work together. He knows she was in narcotics before.

Killian and Morales stake out the warehouse where Sean is. The DJ and his friend think Sean is weird and why did he let the cops get to him? They argue about whether Sean is a cop and threaten to shove fentanyl down his throat if they suspect he is.

Killian gets a text from Sean. It's go time.

The cops raid the warehouse. The DJ runs. He is caught and arrested. Regina has words with Napoleon who gloats she didn't arrest his family back in the day. She says she got him and they're next.

The DEA guy is mad that Sean helped Regina.  He says Sean belongs to him.

Regina is 14 minutes late to the meeting where Donaldson complains that she disregarded the DEA's orders. She says she serves the people in her precinct. Donaldson asks her how. She tells him about the successful raid this morning. Donaldson says well done and everyone congratulates her.

Tommy and Corinne make up at the bar. She says George had an idea. George and Tommy sit down and George suggests a mentorship program. Tommy is skeptical as to what George wants to do with these kids. George wants to help people who don't want to do breakins. The rest of the squad shows up. Sandeford gives Bentley and Quinlan privacy and Bentley thinks they need to cool it because Sandeford knows. He moves over.

Yenko gets a call from his wife. She's not home. She's at the bar. She tells him she didn't go to the dentist. Maybe if he saw she came her he'd think she was making an effort. He and his wife kiss.

Regina goes to see Sean and says the credit goes to the DEA. Sean wants to go with her to the dog park sometime.


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East New York Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Regina: How did you get in here?
Man: I'm her to take my daughter home.
Regina: I'm afraid she's going to have to be here a while.
Man: Who are you?
Regina: I'm Deputy Inspector Regina Haywood. There have been four deaths from overdoses and your daughter may be a witness, so nobody is going in or out right now.
Man: Well, Deputy Inspector Haywood, what chief to I have to call to reverse this? Because I know them all.

$4.50 a head to get in, no alcohol or food. Bring your own drugs?