Casey not thrilled - Chicago Fire Season 9 Episode 8
Casey is not thrilled with Herrmann's replacement on Chicago Fire Season 9 Episode 8.

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Chicago Fire
Chicago Fire Season 9 Episode 8: "Escape Route"
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Chicago Fire Season 9 Episode 8 Quotes

Kidd: Was that crazy? Working a call in your childhood home?
Severide: Rooms seem smaller.
Kidd: It’s a good thing you knew where that kid might go.
Severide: It was my escape route – back bedroom, out the window, down the spout. You know April over at Med? She used to live up the street. She’d let me crash over at her place when I didn’t want to be home.
Kidd: This is in Benny’s heyday.
Severide: Yeah, and my mom, she was falling apart. Anyway, long time ago.

Granger: Hey, I just wanted to let you know I didn’t mean to step on your authority at the fire scene. 40 doesn’t have a captain. Makes me the one barking out orders until the chief gets there. I guess I just did it without thinking.
Casey: You’re only here a couple of shifts. Defer to me on calls, and we won’t have any more problems.