On Evil Season 2 Episode 6, the team is tasked with determining if evil or racism was the cause of a police officer shooting of an unarmed woman.

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Evil Season 2 Episode 6: "C Is for Cop"
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Evil Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

Louie: Does it matter that he thinks it was a gun?
David: That doesn't mean that he's possessed. It just means that he expected there to be a gun due to the driver's race.
Bishop Marx: Is it not also possible that Satan uses racism as a form of diabolical oppression?
Kristen: So, now we think Officer Turley is possessed and not just racist? I'm not proud of that sentence.
Ben: It seems weird to give him what he wants for the grand jury.
David: Nah, this might be bigger than that.

Kristen: Do you remember that guy, that killer who came here to threaten you?
Lexis: LaRoux.
Kristen: Right. So they want to know if I was here, too.
Lexis: Oh. That's easy. You were.
Kristen: Right. And I know that I sent you to be and later, I came upstairs to tuck you in.
Lexis: Is that what you WANT me to say?
Kristen: No, I'm just making sure that that's what happened.
Lexis: I guess that's what could have happened.
Kristen: You don't remember me coming upstairs, tucking you in about 30 minutes later?
Lexis: No, I do. [hesitant] I guess that makes sense to me.
Kristen: OK. Good. Thanks, Lex.
Lexis: Here's the thing, mom. Ben had put in that alarm system, and you couldn't have left because it would have set off the alarm, right?