A cult causes chaos in the ED by protesting a member's medical treatment on Chicago Med Season 9 Episode 9.

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Chicago Med
Chicago Med Season 9 Episode 9: "Spin a Yarn, Get Stuck in Your Own String"
Maggie Lockwood
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Chicago, IL, US
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Chicago Med Season 9 Episode 9 Quotes

Peter: We'll draw up the settlement paperwork and send it to Pavel's lawyer. There will be some papers for you to sign on your end.
Sharon: Hold on. Dr, Ripley, ultimately it is your decision, and if you decide to fight this the hospital will defend you.
Peter: Reluctantly.
Sharon: Vigorously.
Ripley: Can I take some time to think it over?
Peter: What is there to think about?
Sharon: Take the day.
[Ripley leaves]
Peter: We are settling this case.

Ripley: Maggie, who the hell are these people?
Maggie: Apparently, they're members of a cult.