Cotton doing the Devil's work - Salem Season 3 Episode 6
Cotton is forced to continue writing the dark lord's biography on Salem Season 3 Episode 6.

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WGN America
WGN America
Oliver Bell, Seth Gabel
Salem Season 3 Episode 6: "Wednesday's Child"
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Salem Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

Dark Lord: Here's a little test for you, Mather, since you know your bible back-to-front. So tell me, whenever a human being encounters an angel in the books, what are the first words the angel always says?
Cotton: Be not afraid.
Dark Lord: Correct. And did you ever wonder why when encountering a human being an angel must immediately tell them not to be afraid? Because angels are monsters. We were then as are now: fearsome engines of wrath.

John: The so different.
Mary: For the first time since we were parted, you were kissing me, not Mary the witch.