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Anne brings Gloriana back to her home to stay and rest in the secret room.

The dark lord decrees the upcoming Sunday will be "Black Sunday" where everyone in Salem will perish.

John Alden returns to Salem alive. While being stitched by Thomas, he tells Magistrate Hathorne of the weapon held by the French.

Tituba surprises John at his home and asks him to conduct a mission. He refuses as he doesn't trust her.

The dark lord unveils the wedding dress he has in mind for Mary. Tituba pulls Mary from the house magically and convenes a meeting with John. He unveils the angels' tears necklace and they concoct a plan to find out what Sebastian knows.

"Black Sunday" is the satanic Easter. Cotton warns Anne about the day and urges her to leave the house to live in the dark lord's manor for safety.

Magistrate Hathorne loves Mercy and asks her to marry him. The only obstacle in their way is Isaac.

More is revealed about Isaac's past after being branded. His mother turned her back on him, sold him into servitude and refused to acknowledge him in public.

An evil specter haunts Anne as she is preparing a potion.

John trains a group of men to protect Salem in the event of the French or zombified Native Americans attack the town.

Tituba gives John the means to kill The Sentinel. He must dip a dagger into her potion and stab him to kill him.

Mary confronts Sebastian about his feelings for her. She reveals that the real threat to his affection is not John but the dark lord.

Cotton continues his work to write the biography of the dark lord.

Gloriana panics as she is seeing the same creature Anne spotted. Anne calms her down and will brew her a potion to help.

Magistrate Hathorne comes to take Isaac away, but the people of Knockers Hall stand behind Isaac to serve him. They protect him and reveal Hathorne as a liar/evil.

Anne completes her potion and applies it to Gloriana's stomach. She slips into bed with her and enacts her hidden plan.

Mary sees Sebastian to continue their meeting, but he uses his magic to bring her to Jogn's house and forces her to sleep with him in front of John.

Anne's spell steals Gloriana's pregnancy and transfers it to her stomach. Anne is now the one with a visible pregnancy.

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Salem Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

Dark Lord: Here's a little test for you, Mather, since you know your bible back-to-front. So tell me, whenever a human being encounters an angel in the books, what are the first words the angel always says?
Cotton: Be not afraid.
Dark Lord: Correct. And did you ever wonder why when encountering a human being an angel must immediately tell them not to be afraid? Because angels are monsters. We were then as are now: fearsome engines of wrath.

John: The taste...is so different.
Mary: For the first time since we were parted, you were kissing me, not Mary the witch.