Dean Winchester, Supernatural Season 9 Episode 2
Pretty sure that this is everyone's favorite iteration of Dean Winchester. Demon Dean only lasted about two episodes but even in that amount of time there was a change in his style of dress that lasted throughout his darker Season 9 arc. Like Will Graham, Dean Winchester is mostly seen in jeans, flannel and hiking boots, reflecting his Midwestern roots. During the darker season however, his shirks all of the above for slimmer, black jeans, leather and darker toned t-shirts. Since he is very firmly not a demon for most of Season 9, this change in costume style seems more so to reflect his darker mood as he deal with the curse on the Mark of Cain. We have to say though, leather jackets definitely look good on this character.

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Supernatural Season 9 Episode 2: "Devil May Care"
Dean Winchester
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Supernatural Season 9 Episode 2 Quotes

Torture? Brilliant. Can't wait to see Sam in stilettos and a leather bustier really putting the S.A.M. into S & M.


Abaddon: I so appreciate you boys coming when I call. That's what I like most about you Winchesters. Obedient... and suicidally stupid. I like that, too.
Dean: We going to fight or make out, 'cause I'm getting some real mixed signals here.