Home in London -tall  - New Amsterdam Season 4 Episode 11
Max and Helen begin a new journey together in London when they arrive at their apartment and make it a home.

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New Amsterdam
New Amsterdam Season 4 Episode 11: "Talking' Bout A Revolution"
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New York, NY
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New Amsterdam Season 4 Episode 11 Quotes

Trevor: I don't know how you drink that stuff and still look as good as you look.
Iggy: Yeah, right.
Trevor: Are you kidding me? The way you're wearing that jumper? It fits you like a glove.
Iggy: Oh, thank you. It was a gift from my hu- from a family member.
Trevor: You should ask for a few more. You're killing it.

Fuentes: Max has been gone for six weeks, and these people still have not realized, they can't hide from me. Call a department head meeting. One hour.
Adam: That's not a lot of notice
Fuentes: No. I guess if they don't show up, they're fired.