Introducing the Fiance - Night Court Season 1 Episode 10
On Night Court Season 1 Episode 10, Abby (Melissa Rauch) introduces Rand (Pete Holmes) to Neil (Kapil Talwalkar) and Olivia (India de Beaufort)

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Night Court
Night Court Season 1 Episode 10: "Marathon-Thon-Thon-Thon-Thon"
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Night Court Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Please let me out! I’m claustrophobic and agoraphobic, which means I’m seldom okay.


Neil: Gurgs, what’s going on?
Gurgs: Well, I went into the judge’s chambers to do my primal scream therapy when I saw a guy with a knife, and I did an actual scream which wasn’t therapeutic at all.
Olivia: Oh god, was it the foot perv who’s always asking people their shoe size or the guy who sells the olives?
Dan: Well, just know that if it’s the guy who eats soup with a fork, watch out. He’s pretty good with that thing.
Gurgs: No, it’s a brand new creep.