A Rand Sandwich - Night Court
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Gurgs is locking the door to Abby’s chambers, taunting some “creep” inside to try to escape that. Neil asks what’s going on and Gurgs tells him that she saw a man with a knife in Abby’s chambers. Olivia and Dan join the group in the hall.

Abby shows up and asks why everyone’s loitering around. The man in her chambers calls out for help, and she recognizes his voice as her fiancé, Rand. Gurgs unlocks the door and Rand comes out holding a cake knife and a bag of olives.

In the cafeteria, Abby shares that Rand’s come to town to help her get ready for the marathon. Olivia reveals that she’s running the marathon too, in order to compete with the day court prosecutor.

Gurgs and Dan walk together after a session where the defendant tries to dance with Dan while high on cocaine. Dan sits on his usual bench to read his paper. A maintenance person starts measuring the bench and informs Dan the bench is being moved.

This upsets Dan greatly and Gurgs is moved to offer to help keep the bench in place.

Abby and Rand discuss the courthouse crew. Abby is concerned she hasn’t really connected with Olivia. Rand suggests she try to bond with Olivia over the marathon.

Rand brings Abby a green juice and mashed potato smoothie and offers Olivia one too. It is not received well.

When Olivia rolls herself across the courtroom rather than walk, Abby asks if she’s okay. Olivia admits that she went for a test run that morning and her legs are sore.

Olivia joins Abby and Rand for a workout. Abby is very excited to be doing a non-work activity with Olivia.

Gurgs brings Dan to Bert, the head of maintenance. Dan insists on speaking with Bert directly, rather than leaving it to Gurgs, but changes his mind when she emerges from her office. He offers Bert legal services in exchange for keeping the bench. She has a pet alligator her neighbors complain about. She accepts the deal but when Dan thanks her in Louisiana French, she accuses him of wanting to eat her pet (because gator is a Louisiana dish) and refuses to help.

After fining a defendant for possession of performance enhancing drugs, Abby calls a recess. Gurgs reassures Dan that her best guy is keeping eyes on his bench. Just then Sandy from the Death Registry Office appears, holding a wrench.

Olivia approaches the defendant about whether his pills could help her run faster. Rand overhears and insists Olivia stick with Abby’s training, promising that she’ll up the training to “Beast Mode” soon.

Olivia buys it. Rand is afraid to tell Abby about his fib, but does eventually and insists it’s the way to win Olivia’s friendship.

Gurgs and Sandy have fallen asleep keeping watch on the bench and wake up to find it gone. Dan gets Gurgs attention and shows her that he hid the bench in the storage closet. He wants to sneak it out of the building. Gurgs notices a set of initials and a date carved into the bench. Dan admits he carved his initials and the date in when he won his first case.

Bert comes by and Dan and Gurgs awkwardly explain their presence by the storage closet and make a quick exit.

Rand’s practicing handing out water and suggests Neil sign up as a volunteer.

Abby has Olivia on a stationary bike, driving her in Beast Mode until Olivia asks for a water break.

Rand checks in and Abby’s in full Beast Mode rage-coaching. She insists Olivia start with the heaviest kettlebell weight and falls over when she tries to demonstrate.

Dan finds Abby in her chambers covered in ice packs and asks her to help him keep the bench in place.

Abby admits that taking Rand’s advice was a mistake. She realizes that since moving to New York on her own, she’s been doing things her way and liked it.

Dan muses that change is inevitable, whether it’s to do with relationships or benches. Rand comes in as Dan leaves.

Abby offers to hand out water with Rand but when he mentions that Olivia still plans to run, Abby decides she’ll run too.

Gurgs tries to prevent the bench’s removal by lying on top of it. Dan comes in to tell her that he’s letting it go. She insists that he formally say goodbye to the bench. After, she proposes she take the leg off the bench he carved his initials into. Dan ups the plan to taking the leg on the other side as well so he can have bookends.

Rand helps Abby and Olivia hobble back into the courthouse. Neither of them made it more than a mile in the marathon. In the hallway, they find Neil manning a water table and Gurgs with a starter’s flag. Rand’s set up a finish line for them to experience breaking through the tape.

They hobble down to the tape as fast as they can to inspiring music and high five on the other side.


Night Court
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Night Court Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Please let me out! I’m claustrophobic and agoraphobic, which means I’m seldom okay.


Neil: Gurgs, what’s going on?
Gurgs: Well, I went into the judge’s chambers to do my primal scream therapy when I saw a guy with a knife, and I did an actual scream which wasn’t therapeutic at all.
Olivia: Oh god, was it the foot perv who’s always asking people their shoe size or the guy who sells the olives?
Dan: Well, just know that if it’s the guy who eats soup with a fork, watch out. He’s pretty good with that thing.
Gurgs: No, it’s a brand new creep.