Maroun and Price must decide whether a piece of evidence is a deepfake on Law & Order Season 23 Episode 2.

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Law & Order
Law & Order Season 23 Episode 2: "Human Innovation"
Jack McCoy
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Law & Order Season 23 Episode 2 Quotes

Hughes: I didn't shoot him! Look, when I got there Evan was arguing with some other dude. I didn't want to get involved so I stood back. Then the gun went off.
Shaw: So how did you end up with his 2k an dhis watch?
Hughes: After the shooting, I went to check on Evan but he was already dead.
Shaw: So you're telling me you robbed your dead friend?
Hughes: Look, I'm not proud of it, but studio time is expensive.

Riley: What a way to start the day, huh?
Shaw: I'm not sure it's actually started yet.
Riley: Not a morning person?
Shaw: I love a morning. 4 AM, still last night.