Jericho is Here - Titans Season 2 Episode 8
Jericho has joined Team Titans with the aim of changing the game, but what was it?

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Titans Season 2 Episode 8: "Jericho"
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Titans Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

Dawn: This is who we are.
Dick: Titans.

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Dick: I don't see how Jericho seeing his dad is a good idea.
Jericho: That's why he came to me to talk about it. He's afraid you're going to be disappointed in him.
Dick: And what did you tell him?
Dawn: That you and I would talk about it. Jericho needs your approval for this, Dick. He won't talk to his dad without it.
Dick: He didn't need to tell us at all, he could've just gone.
Dawn: Sure. But he didn't want to lie to you. Cards up, right? It took Jericho for someone to finally be honest around here.
Dick: You know, maybe it doesn't matter what we tell Jericho.
Donna: So, we use him again. What's happening to you?
Dick: You told me. You told me, be Batman. Remember?
Donna: I was wrong. This version of you...
Dick: What? You don't like it?
Donna: You don't want me to answer that right now.