Julia, Fen, Eliot, and Margo - The Magicians
Julia, Fen, Eliot, and Margo talk about their next steps on The Magicians Season 5 Episode 8.

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The Magicians
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The Magicians Quotes

Eliot: Deja vu.
Quentin: Peaches and plums. Peaches and plums.
Eliot: Peaches and plums. I got so old.
Quentin: You died.
Eliot: I died. You had a wife. And we had a family.
Quentin: How did we remember that?
Eliot: I don’t know.

Dean: Snuck a box of Oreos.
Quentin: Magicians can't eat Oreos?
Dean: Diabetics can't eat Oreos.