Looking For Help - Resident Alien
On Resident Alien Season 1 Episode 7, fearing he's facing failure, Harry looks for help from an unlikely ally in an attempt to find his ship.

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Resident Alien
Resident Alien Season 1 Episode 7: "The Green Glow"
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Resident Alien Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

They stole my ship. They know I'm stranded here. They must be searching for me. I would grow a mustache as a disguise, but then I'd have to get a job as a firefighter or a pedophile.


The biggest misconception that humans have about the universe is that it's enormous. It's not. It's tiny. It's also finite and smells of slightly burnt caramel corn. I understand why these dumb humans don't know anything about the extended universe; they've never been there.