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Harry pontificates about the vastness of the universe while we get a fuller picture of the universe coming to earth.

Sea creatures are straight out of the sky, octopuses, to be exact.

Isabelle the annoying wife followed Harry, so he's not in the custody of the agents! There is something to be said for her after all. And she knows he's been slipping her mickey's too.

Harry knows that they're not alone, so he makes a speech about needing space like husbands often say in television shows. And since he is her husband and nothing else, he took a drive and ended up in this random place for no reason.

Isabelle leaves while Harry shouts love diatribes. Agents of the year, Linda and David, believe his ill-conceived declaration.

When Harry goes home, Isabelle is packing to leave. He doesn't want her to leave because he's very hungry, and she must stay to cook him dinner. Harry wonders if she's angry when he was only trying to be kind by not knocking her out with a skillet.

He honestly says that he did love her once. And she leaves.

Asta asks Ethan about Max. He doesn't even think that it's odd that Max's parents want to send him away for a medical condition because he was sent to school for lacrosse.

Mike and Liv are asking about Jay. She was quiet and microwaved fish in the kitchen. So rude. Mike digs into people's yogurt at work and steals the fruit from the bottom.

When Asta walks away from Mike and Liv, he's livid. If it wasn't Jay then who was it? They run into Ben on the street, who pretends to dance with Asta, who is not amused.

Liv isn't pleased with Mike, as usual. He waffles between we and I to the point that she cannot take it anymore.

Harry is annoyed being stuck in the useless body with useless nipples that doesn't even produce milk. He wonders how humans deal with failure and realized it's medication.

Harry downs some pills with some booze. His actions seem very Stoogelike.

When Harry wakes up, he thinks Isabelle is in the kitchen. But it's dead Harry aka that guy who doesn't have life in him anymore. Dead Harry calls Harry a loser who isn't very good at sex. Harry is learning how poorly drugs and alcohol work against failure. Dead Harry says two of the most hurtful things ever to Harry, calling him human and a pathetic shitstick.

Ben and Kate and showing Max information about the Georgia school when he learns that Harry isn't the town doctor anymore. Ethan approved the paperwork, and their decision is final.

Harry has to live like a human now, so he imagines himself with a worthless job, wasting time away. Newspaper delivery, barista, tattoo artist are all possibilities. He's waken from his reverie by an angry Max who cannot believe he was conned by Harry. Harry says he doesn't do truces. And Max says if he wants to be human, then he shouldn't have alien stuff in the back of his truck, dummy!

D'Arcy doesn't know why Asta doesn't tell Mike and Liv about Jimmy. Asta always has good instincts about people. Judy calls D'Arcy because she cannot get Harry out of the arcade at the bowling alley.

They tell Harry he can't use booze and pills to feel better. So they get the pot, instead.

A bowling pin bong is new!

Nest, it's Asian food for the munchies. He's still depressed, but it doesn't matter. He doesn't care. D'Arcy says he's doing depression right. Reach the low point because that's where freedom lives.

Harry thinks the octopus is talking to him. Maybe he is, but maybe he's not.

The octopus is Nathan Fillion!! It's a Firefly reunion!!

Octopus cannot believe that Harry is wasting so much time when he's stuck in a cage and his cousin has been in the ocean swimming around in a six-pack thing around his neck.

Harry knows where he needs to go - to get help from Max! He gets chips and eats them in Max's bed. Apparently, Max can see the green glow of his alien stuff under a tarp in the back of his truck. Even Harry can't see that. He's thrilled. Maybe he can help him find his device!

Harry promises, again, to help Max get out of going to that school. He wants Kate to put popcorn on the shopping list. And, oh yeah, he peed in Max's bed.

Sheriff Mike is leaving Liv out of his plans, even going on the Dateline with Cleetus instead of her in his imagination. Asta enters with the news that Jimmy stole the prescription pad.

Harry compares Max to Dr. Seuss with imagination in overdrive. Kate is angry. This has driven a wedge between her and Ben. Huh, he says. Ethan agrees that doctors make mistakes.

The general agrees to give David more time.

Harry is laughing in the library. Max is happy that he's not being sent away, and Harry is happy that Max will help him find his device.

During interrogation, Liv and Jimmy walk down who-gives-a-shit lane when she agrees that Jimmy couldn't be a murderer. But he does admit that he took the pad and sold it to make a couple of bucks. He sold it to a dude who works at the high school. How would he know that's his intention. Duh is the shorthand response from Liv.

Max and Harry raid the science lab at the school for supplies, including light bulbs for Harry's bedside table.

The Janitor, Richard Ferguson, is the Pharmacist. Mike gives chase, but it's Liv who gets the man. Liv begins giving him his Miranda rights, only to be stopped by Mike for using a contraction.

David has an aha moment about Kimbacha's and aliens by way of an amulet. Somehow, he gets from an amulet that the alien is here to kill everybody. Oh! Because the people went extinct. Duh, indeed.

Kate wants a partner who challenges her. She wants Ben to tell her she's wrong. She wants a man to stand up to her. He goes a little too far by calling her controlling and bossy, upset if people don't laugh at her jokes, and the supermarket patrol in the 12-items-or-less lane.

Mike felt Liv's behavior was a little disrespectful. Miranda rights are her thing. And she's not all that nice to Cleetus, either. He is a human being. He's just in teeny weeny doggy body. When the doggy bag is delivered, she pounds the shit out of it. Mike uses his daddy as justification for his words, and she quits on the spot, taking the doggy bag to eat later.

Max finds the device, but it's on the glacier. Harry can't go there!

Asta doesn't feel good about tattling on Jimmy. While they're talking, they see Max begging Harry not to go. It's too dangerous!

They want to know where Harry is heading. When he reveals his destination, he screams talk to my lawyer and runs.

Harry is excited about his impending heroism when he returns. Maybe a statue will be erected in his name. Except he'd have to learn to sculpt, and that seems like a lot of work. Maybe just a plaque. D'Arcy is on the hunt for Harry and approaching fast when he takes a glowing ball into his hand. It sparks the piece Max has and turns on the spaceship.

The ship is tethered to the device. They know where he is.

D'Arcy and Asta arrive, calling Harry's name. They're on a crevasse. All three of them are lost down below.

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They stole my ship. They know I'm stranded here. They must be searching for me. I would grow a mustache as a disguise, but then I'd have to get a job as a firefighter or a pedophile.


The biggest misconception that humans have about the universe is that it's enormous. It's not. It's tiny. It's also finite and smells of slightly burnt caramel corn. I understand why these dumb humans don't know anything about the extended universe; they've never been there.