Lucas and Elizabeth became an unbeatable team in helping the children.

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When Calls the Heart, Hallmark Channel
When Calls the Heart Season 10 Episode 6: "The Heart Of The Problem"
Bill Avery, Nathan Grant
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When Calls the Heart Season 10 Episode 6 Quotes

Lucas: Compromise is just a negotiation. Each side needs to feel like they’re getting what they want. You want time at the hot springs. How much time will you settle for?
Toby: A few hours a day and all day Saturday and Sunday.
Allie: Toby, the tourists won’t agree to that!
Lucas: You don’t know what they’ll agree to, but don’t show them your cards. Find out what the tourists will agree to before you tell them what you will agree to. That way, they can’t lowball you.

Cooper: All everybody talks about is how the tourists have a right to be up there.
Angela: But a lot of people have benefitted from the tourists, including our parents.