Mags Worries About Baby Oliver - Transplant Season 2 Episode 8
Mags worries about Oliver, a 3-month-old with a heart condition.

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Transplant Season 2 Episode 8: "Scars"
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Ontario, Canada
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Transplant Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

De Luca: You really don't remember him.
June: I see a lot of patients for a short period of time. I'm supposed to remember all their stories?
De Luca: Okay. What major life event happened to me last week?
June: You got promoted.
De Luca: I turned 30. You ate one of the cupcakes.

Bash: We'll do some blood tests, take a urine sample to check his kidneys, then assess and make a plan.
Ruby: We already have one. I'm giving him one of my kidneys.
Wendy: That's very generous of you but there are multiple complex tests you'd have to do to confirm-
Ruby: We did them already. As soon as we learned he had CKD.
Claire: Have we seen you here before Ruby?
Ruby: Not here. We did blood and tissue typing, and serum too. The doctors said there's no way I'd be a match but they were wrong! Mal and I are meant to be. We won't let anything come between us.