Meeting Up - Suits
Where the heck is Mike working? Surely, if he did take a job at Specter Litt, they would be meeting there.

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Suits Season 6 Episode 14: "Admission of Guilt"
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Suits Season 6 Episode 14 Quotes

Oliver: Mike, what did these guys do to you?
Mike: They didn't do anything to me, Oliver. I just don't like it when people think they can get away with anything because nobody's watching.

Harvey: Donna, you are never going to believe what Louis just asked me.
The Donna: Give me three guesses: He wants to be you, he wants to look like you, he wants to wear your skin as a body suit.
Harvey: Okay, did you just talk without saying anything?
Donna: What's the big deal? You do it all the time.
The Donna: Good one Donna, you're on fire today.