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Did Mike manage to take the bar?

That was still up in the air on Suits Season 6 Episode 14.

The uncertainty was down to Harvey and Mike joining forces to take down a big company. 

Meanwhile, Rachel worried about the prospect of having Harvey save Mike. 

This stemmed from her wanting him out of prison. 

Also, Louis continued to get closer to Tara. 

Was she hiding something from him?

Use the video above to watch Suits online to get caught up with the latest drama for the characters on this hit series. 

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Suits Season 6 Episode 14 Quotes

Oliver: Mike, what did these guys do to you?
Mike: They didn't do anything to me, Oliver. I just don't like it when people think they can get away with anything because nobody's watching.

Harvey: Donna, you are never going to believe what Louis just asked me.
The Donna: Give me three guesses: He wants to be you, he wants to look like you, he wants to wear your skin as a body suit.
Harvey: Okay, did you just talk without saying anything?
Donna: What's the big deal? You do it all the time.
The Donna: Good one Donna, you're on fire today.