Nate Plans - Ted Lasso Season 3 Episode 7
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Ted Lasso Season 3 Episode 7: "The Strings That Bind Us"
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Ted Lasso Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

Keeley: Now, that's a cup of coffee. It's strong. Good though.
Jack: I got you something.
Keeley: Ooh. I love somethings. What is this?
Jack: Sense and Sensibility.
Keeley: Oh, I love this book. I loved the movie more though. Wait, is this, like, a first edition or something?
Jack: Yep. And it's signed.
Keeley: No. "Keeley, you go girl! Jane Austen." Did you destroy a priceless artifact just to make me laugh?
Jack: One, it wasn't priceless. It was actually very expensive. Two, I can get very jealous, and I hate the idea of you regifting that. And three, no, I didn't. That is all her. And she really wants you to "go girl," so... ( chuckling ) better go girl.
Keeley: Oh, I'll go. Watch me.

Rebecca: Honestly, my jacket's still a bit canal-y. It's really bad.
Keeley: Mmm. Okay, so, you never got his name? And you never told him yours? Yeah, see, that part's not that weird to me. If you really didn't have sеx with the guy, now that is fսcking bonkers.
Rebecca: Look, what we shared, it just... It transcended sеx. It was... Magic. Gezellig. But, yeah, I would've liked to have seen his penis. Oh! It is so good to see you.
Keeley: Oh, you too. It has been way too long.
Rebecca: Because I've lost you to another woman.
Keeley: I know. I'm sorry.
Rebecca: Oh, I am joking.