Painkiller's Toxin - Tall - Black Lightning Season 3 Episode 5
Painkiller's newest ability is injecting a deadly toxin through touch. With one wrong move, a person could die in a horrible fashion.

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Black Lightning
The CW
Black Lightning Season 3 Episode 5: "The Book of Occupation: Chapter Five"
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Black Lightning Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

They say that, “In every revolution, there is one man with a vision.” I thought that was Black Lightning. But after being here, I think the only way to save Freeland is if humans and Metas work together side-by-side to stop the ASA.


Painkiller: “Five-point Exploding Heart” technique. Take five steps and boom!
Officer: Are you serious?
Painkiller: [Laughs] No. No, I’m not serious. Downloaded Blackbelt Theater last night. I mean, what’s knowledge without a little culture. Am I right?
[The officer falls to his knees and chokes on the venom]
Painkiller: Oh? That’s right. My venom coursing through your veins right now must make it difficult for you to think.