Gravedigger: I can’t believe you got up! But you can’t do it, can you? You can’t kill for blood, right?
Black Lightning: You and I are blood.
Gravedigger: That’s funny.

Agent Odell: [Sighs.]
Khalil: Now, you didn’t really think I would let you get away after making me kill my mom, did you?
[Agent Odell utters trigger phrase]
Khalil: That shutdown only works for Painkiller. I’m Khalil.
[Reloads gun]
Khalil: We haven’t officially met.

Anissa: Look, so what’s your assessment?
Lynn: She’s in a coma. I’m sorry, Hunny, but you know how this goes. It could be 10 minutes or it could be 10 years. And there’s no data on how the shapeshifting might affect it.
Anissa: Come on, come on, come on! There’s gotta be something you can do?
Lynn: She needs to be someplace where she can have constant care. And we can pray.

Major Grey: Mr. Gambi, we know you’re in here. We know you have the briefcase.
Gambi: I can’t help but you have your most trusted commandos with you.
Major Grey: Showing off that you’re in our personnel files, tailor? Brag much!
Gambi: Thank you for bringing me the last ASA agents who know the Pierce family secrets.
Major Grey: You’re welcome! They all know you very well. You’re not getting out of here.
Gambi: I’ve seen worse.
[Gambi unleashes bullets from a machine gun]

Lynn: I’m so happy you’ve found someone to marry, but I have to admit…
Grace: It’s happening fast, Mom, I know.
Lynn: I don’t know anything about Grace.
Grace: All you need to know is that I love her.

Gambi: I actually agree with her. It doesn’t make sense to keep your most powerful Meta off the frontline unless…
Jefferson: Unless what?!
Gambi: Unless you don’t think you can beat Gravedigger either!

T.C.: Yeah, I’ve never even kissed a girl.
Erika: Really?
T.C.: What?
Erika: Did you just use the fact that we might die tomorrow to scam a kiss?
T.C.: Yes, I did. But, it’s true. I never kissed a girl. You can’t be mad with that. It was worth a shot.
[Erika lightly kisses T.C.]
T.C.: Ok.
Erika: Now you can die happy.
T.C.: Does that mean you like me?
Erika: That means I took pity on you.
T.C.: Does that count though? I wasn’t ready…
Erika: You’re not getting another kiss.

Painkiller: Any time you’ve got something difficult coming. Any time you’ve really had to dig deep. Any time it was life or death. That was me that got you through it.
Khalil: That’s not true. I did that on my own.

Jefferson: That’s exactly why I told Odell that I would lead the defense of Freeland if the Markovians attacked. Someone has to keep an eye on that man.
Anissa: Well, Dad, I don’t understand why it has to be you?
Jefferson: Well, actually, I was hoping it would be all of us.

Take this peace offering. Use it to burn down the ASA for what they did to my city. Or not. Either way, my quarrel with the tailor is over.

Lady Eve

Jennifer: See you around, Khalil.
Khalil: No, you won’t.

Gambi: Tyson Sychs is the first metahuman in recorded history. Meta Prime.
Lynn: The US government had the serum to unlock Meta powers this entire time. Where is their Meta army?
Gambi: The only part of the program that survived was Gravedigger himself. And for the past 70+ years, the US has spent billions trying to recreate the original serum. First in Markovia, and then here in Freeland.

Black Lightning Quotes

Lynn: You've been on the streets fighting The 100 for years. Let someone else do it. The girls need a father.
Jefferson: Baby, I promise. No more.

Black Lightning was the savior who kept our streets and our schools safe. He was hope personified. But he was also Jefferson Pierce, my father.