Renee and Acosta - EVIL Season 1 Episode 9
Acosta reaches out to an old friend after he is sued for inflicting severe psychological harm.

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Evil Season 1 Episode 9: "Exorcism Part 2"
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Evil Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Renée: Do you have a jacket with that?
Kristen: With this? Yes, but not with me.
Renée: Can someone get it for you?
Kristen: Why?
Renée: I want you to look like a doctor.
Kristen: A jacket will make me look like a doctor?
Renée: Yes.

Renée: So the priesthood.
Acosta: Are you surprised?
Renée: That wasn’t your thing.
Acosta: It wasn’t your thing to be a church lawyer either.
Renée: My sister screwed us both up.
Acosta: She got you to promise too?
Renée: On her deathbed – The church needs you.
Acosta: She probably told everybody the same thing that last day.
Renée: That’s Julia for you: Always has to have the last word, even from the grave.