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With his wife ill, Robert will be forced to re-focus on season four of Brothers & Sisters. Will he be able to save his marriage?

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Brothers & Sisters
Brothers & Sisters Season 4 Episode 1: "The Road Ahead"
Robert McCallister
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Brothers & Sisters Season 4 Episode 1 Quotes

From the minute my kids were born all I did was worry about them. I thought surely this will stop when they get older but no. What I worry about has changed but I'm still worrying. And what good has all this worrying done? None. With or without it my kids are doing just fine. They're happy and they're fine. I just need to learn to relax. I deserve to be happy.


Scotty: Promise me you won't say anything to your family about the whole surrogacy thing?
Kevin: Absolutely. Look, I'm terrified once mom finds out, she'll want to choose the surrogate for us.
Scotty: Yeah, I'm terrified once your mom finds out, she's gonna want to be the surrogate for us.